Australian Exemption 38 Training Course

(Near Coastal - Restricted)


Exemption 38 up to 12m Near Coastal Restricted

The Australian Exemption 38 Near Coastal qualification will enable you to command Australian Registered commercial or private vessels during daylight hours less than 12m long with propulsion power of less than 100kW for an inboard engine or less than 250kW for an outboard engine with the following restrictions:

  • Carry passengers only in the following places and areas:
    • marina operations and a mooring areas in sight of the marina;
    • inland waters;
    • any waters in a tender or auxiliary that are within 1nm from a parent vessel and in sight of and in communication with the parent vessel;
    • any other waters approved by the National Regulator.
  • Without carrying passengers only in the following places or areas:
    • places and kinds of water in Point 3 above;
    • smooth waters, including inland waters;
    • any waters within 1nm from each point of departure and within 1nm of the coast
    • any waters of an aquaculture lease approved by a State or Territory authority, and any approved waters used for the daily transit to and from the aquaculture lease for operation under this exemption;
    • any waters within 250 metres of a structure fixed to the shore
    • sheltered waters within 2nm from the coast.
    • tow persons only in the following area and situation:
    • any waters that are waterski areas approved by a State or Territory authority, with or without passengers; and
    • the vessel has propulsion power, for an inboard and outboard engine, <500kW .

- If the normal operation of a vessel's voyage involves departing from several points, each of which are within a nautical mile such as delivering supplies along a shore, then multiple points of departure are permissible

You will learn:

  • practical skills in coastal navigation and seamanship using a range of vessels such as a centre console rigid inflatable boat (RIB) or a commercial training vessel.
  • Practical firefighting and survival training provide an understanding of skills required for safety at sea. Engineering practicals will show you how to deal with varied situations including
  • How to bleed a diesel engine
  • Troubleshoot a flooded outboard
  • Operating complex pumping systems


Pre Entry Requirements for the issue of a Exemption 38 Certificate:

There are no entry requirements for the Coxswain Certificate III training course, however, you must be at least 16 years old.

The main features of the Exemption 38 Near Coastal training Course

There are a 3 training units.

  • MARI003 - Comply with regulations to ensure safe operation of a vessel up to 12 metres
  • MARK007 - Handle a vessel up to 12 metres
  • MARN008 - Apply seamanship skills aboard a vessel up to 12 metres

The course also requires you to spend time prior and during the course studying the texts and provided reading.

Course Duration

The Course is 5 Days

Training Location

The course is run from our Marina Office in Newport NSW Australia and the Superyacht Crew Academy Training Facility at 8 Kalinya Street, Newport. The facilities are a 45min drive North of Sydney’s CBD. To see a map of how to find us CLICK HERE


Exemption 38 NC - AUD $990

Please call us 02 9979 9669 to see if you are eligible for a NSW government Smart and Skilled subsidy to offset part of the cost of this training programme. If you are a resident of NSW, or work in NSW, you may be eligible for the NSW Government Smart and Skilled subsidy programme.

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EXEMPTION 38 Training Course

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