Sydney Maritime Institute

Australian Nationally Recognised Crew Training


  • Commercial and Private Vessels
  • Ferries, Fishing Vessels, Charter Boats, Water Police, Water Taxi, Tug Boats, Super Yachts
  • Enroll now with no prior experience
  • Rapid, intensive training programmes
  • Registered Training Organisation no. 91462


The instructors were always willing to go the extra mile and always took the time to show us something again if we did not understand it at first. 
Sam Sam Redward

Personal Attention

We recognize prior experience and will tailor your training programme and costs accordingly. Residents of NSW may be elegible for special study subsidies.



The Australian Maritime safety authority (AMSA)

On the first of July 2013, Australia intituted The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) as the national regulator for Australian registered commercial vessels. The national system provides a simplified set of maritime safety laws and a clear and consistent application of nationally agreed standards across the country. Most AMSA approved certifications are nationally recognised so crew will be able to work on Australian registered commercial vessels in different states. The New South Wales Transport and Marine Services is its NSW delegate for AMSA. More Information AMSA


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